RIMS – Your Enterprise ordering, tracking and document management system for real-estate due diligence
ExactBid's Real-estate Information Management System (RIMS) is a web-based system that you can use to engage appraisers, consultants and other vendors of real-estate technical services and track the status of these service jobs. Using RIMS, financial institutions can manage the bidding and awarding of appraisals, environmental studies, and construction inspections, and get reports of job status and performance summaries using only a standard browser. RIMS also archives all reports uploaded during the conduct of due diligence tasks by contractors and internal personnel.
RIMS has been in service to financial service companies, since 1998. RIMS customers include a wide range from the top 10 commercial banks, to regional, state and community banks, and others who order appraisals and environmental services
RIMS Features
  • Structured for Regulatory Compliance – separation of appraisal from the line, audit trail, etc.
  • Online Service Request captures loan and property information from "Requester"
  • Bidding and Awarding managed electronically; Engagement Letter created automatically
  • Tracking Status is maintained automatically and is viewable by all concerned parties
  • Reports, Appraisals and Reviews are uploaded by the author and retained perpetually
  • Contractor Performance records are maintained automatically
  • Management Reports may be created on demand (production, status, valuation statistics)
  • Outsourced Service accessible 24X7 via private Internet accounts with full security
For More Information

Please contact the RIMS Sales & Marketing Department to answer any questions you might have and to arrange a brief online demo for you and your key staff. Typically we handle the demo as a telecon where we lead your staff through a RIMS session. All you need to login is a personal computer with a browser and Internet access.
RIMS Sales & Marketing
(408) 361-5000

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